Meanings of AI.ST


1. airborne intercept
2. Amnesty International
3. aromatase inhibitor
4. artificial insemination
5. artificial intelligence


ST Street
ST State
ST Saint
ST Star Trek
ST Stanza
ST Statement (Spender Audio Systems, Ltd.)
ST Short-Time
ST Start
ST Spring Training (baseball)
ST Subject to (math)
ST Special Training
【ST Science And Technology】
ST Short-Term
ST Standard Time
ST Sunday Times (newspaper; various locations)
ST Stores (on-line ordering and catalog system)
【ST Systems Technology】
ST Student/Teacher
ST Stone (British weight;14 pounds)

【ST Space Technology】
ST Store (IBM)
ST Sound Track
ST Self Test
ST Service Tax (India)
ST Singapore Technologies (technology-based multinational conglomerate)
ST Sales Tax
ST Software Test
ST Seattle Times (newspaper)
ST Strength
ST Stream (Experimental Protocol - Rfc1190)
ST Straight Time
ST Split (Split and Dalmatia county, Croatia)
ST Saint Lucia
ST Sao Tome and Principe (top level domain)
ST Short Tour
ST Special Tools
ST Source Text
ST Service Test

ST Stereo (sound)
ST System Test
ST Star Tours
ST Semi Trailer
ST Scientific/Technical
ST Strain
ST Share Time (broadcasting operating schedule)
ST Sport Touring (motorcycle and riding style)
ST Surface Temperature
ST Stratus (cloud formation)
ST Story Teller (Larp and White Wolf Games)
ST Stokes (kinematic viscosity)
ST Samantha Thavasa (store; New York)
ST Shania Twain (country music artist)
ST Spinal Tap (band)
ST Strike Team
ST Straits Times (Singapore newspaper)
ST Such That (mathematics)
ST Space Telescope
ST Scar Tissue (Red Hot Chili Peppers song)
ST Scheduled Tribes (India)
ST Seal Team
ST Special Test
ST Skip Tracing
ST Security Target (IT security, informatics)
ST Sino-Tibetan
ST Skin Temperature
ST Super Turbo (Street Fighter: Super Turbo game)
ST Spirit Tracks (gaming)
ST Suicidal Tendencies (band)
ST Starship Troopers
ST Sports Technologies (Collinsville, CT)
ST Stumped
ST State Transport (India)
ST Steam Turbine
ST Self-Titled (also seen as S/T)
ST Single Throw
ST Supertramp (band)
ST Sound Transit (Seattle, WA)
ST Sarjana Teknik (Indonesian: Bachelor of Engineering)
ST Shark Tale (movie)
ST Seagate Technology LLC
ST Smokeless Tobacco
ST Senior Technician
ST Signing Time (tutorials)
ST Sulfamethoxazole-Trimethoprim
ST Streets and Trips (Microsoft)
ST Symbol Time (algorithm)
ST Star Tracker

ST Special Tactics
ST Sundsvalls Tidning (Swedish newspaper)
ST Short Ton
ST Supertones (band)
ST Spherical Trigonometry
ST Slow Twitch (muscle fiber type)
ST SuperTux (game)
ST Standby Time
ST Sebastian Telfair (NBA Player)
ST Special Text
ST Spasmodic Torticollis
ST Saving Tackle (soccer; a stopping of an unopposed opponent with the ball)
ST Satellite Transmission
ST Sinus Tachycardia
ST Sindh Today (internet newspaper)
ST Sonic Team (game developers)
ST Sakura Taisen
ST Straight Tip (AT&T fiber optic connector)
ST Sequential Timer (electronics)
ST Structured Text
ST Sacrotuberous (ligaments)
ST Secondary Target
ST Senior Trooper
ST Slovenske Telekomunikacie (Slovak: Slovak Telecom)
ST STMicroelectronics, Inc.
ST Special Tooling
ST Segment Type
ST Simulation Testing
ST Spherical Torus
ST Sunken Temple (World of Warcraft game)
ST Sagittal Translation
ST Short Transverse
ST Self Timed
ST Saint Tail (anime)
ST Strangetown (Neighborhood in the Sims 2 computer game)
ST Send Timing
ST Spherical Tokamak
ST Start Transmission
ST Stratosphere-Troposphere
ST Sonar Technician
ST Stable Toxin
ST Soul Theory (Buddhism)
ST Subscriber Terminal
ST Surveillance Test
ST Sine Tempore (Latin: date will start on time)
ST Sunni Tehreek (religious movement in Pakistan)
ST Sensitech, Inc
ST Statistical Tolerance
ST Super Tunnel (a burrowing protocol)
ST Sixteen Thirty-Two (Atari computers)
ST Student Text Book
ST Stop Tone
ST Strukturierter Text (German: Structured Text)
ST Showturtle (Hyper Logo Turtle graphics command)
ST Synthesis Telescope
ST Strategic Testing
ST Signaling Tone
ST Stick and Turn (fiber optic cable connector)
ST Steam Traced
ST Standing Tank (gaming, Battleclash tank configuration)
ST Springfield Terminal Railway Company
ST Static Topology
ST Sleeve Target
ST Short-range Transmitter
ST Skull Tag (gaming)
ST Signaling Terminal
ST Sector Tandem
ST Snap and Twist (fiber optics cable connector)
ST Subacute Sclerosing Pan-Encephalitis
ST Missionary Servants of Most Holy Trinity (religious order)
ST Speech Therapy/Therapist
ST Spiral to Tangent
ST Sinustachycardia (cardiology)
ST Systems and Technology Directorate (NIMA)
ST SurgicTube (website)
ST Singly-Testable
ST Stripper Thresher
ST (USN Rating) Sonar Technician
ST Supply Tech/Technician
ST Ship/Scan Type


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